24 June 2008

Well, I know I promised updates on the job hunt last week, but I got "busy" doing other things. However, I'm here now and, well, that's what matters, eh? I had my interview last week Tuesday, and it went very well. There should be some temporary work lasting through the election that I can do - mostly a variety of projects for a variety of people - at least through November. After that, I will probably need to start looking again, but at least I'll have my foot in the proverbial door. I was also recently contacted about another opportunity doing research and networking for someone else, but I need to get more info about it before I commit to anything. Research would be more to my liking than electioneering and grassroots stuff, but I do enjoy staffing a good rally every now and again! Otherwise, the most exciting thing of the past few days is that I finally got Season 6 of The West Wing, so I'm enjoying watching that. Just one more season to go, and I'll have the whole set - not an easy feat by any means, considering the price of each season on DVD. I'm also disappointed in my Diamondbacks, who, except for last night, have been stinking up the diamond defensively and offensively the past month or so. Hopefully they can make a couple trades for some team leaders in the near future and upgrade their hitting coach or something so that they can start producing more. Otherwise, I don't care if they stay in first the whole year in the NL West, they'll never be able to compete in the playoffs against any NL East or AL teams.

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  1. Just wait till the D-backs come play the Nats. You'll think they're the greatest team to grace the face of this planet. They break my heart every time I go to a game.