10 June 2008

I'm Gonna Be On TeeVee!

Yeah, since I'm still in the market for employment, I decided to go help out Jim Ogsbury, the CD-5 candidate for Congress, as an extra in his upcoming TV commercial which I hear will air sometime next month. We went out to a couple places around the district, had some fun in the heat, and I got to chat with some of the other volunteers. All of them were amazing people, active and ready to go to the mat to elect Jim Ogsbury! I hope I'll have the chance to be as useful and helpful to my district's candidates when I finally get my job/car/apartment mess figured out. Perhaps the best part of the day was getting the lunch orders for everyone - the campaign staff, the television director and his hired crew, and all the volunteers. My job was to find out what everyone wanted and then go to Subway with one of the members of the campaign staff and pick it up. We had a grand total of 19 orders, and though the Subway staff looked at me like I was crazy for coming to their shop for lunch, we got it all taken care of professionally and swiftly. Those sandwich-makin' gurus were amazing for putting up with what turned out to be a chaotic order. Especially since we weren't the only ones trying to order. In between making our sandwiches, they were taking other peoples' orders at the same time and getting everything RIGHT! Take THAT, McDonald's drive thru attendents! But even though volunteer stuff is fun for me, it's now back to the money-making job search!

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  1. I've been reading, but haven't had much time to comment. Look for those sometime this weekend.

    Awesome! on the whole commercial situation. You'll have to let me know if they put a link on his campaign website so I can look for you.