04 June 2008


Okay. We live in PHOENIX, ARIZONA. We are a close runner up for "Hottest Location on Planet Earth" behind Yuma, AZ and the Sahara Desert. How hard is it really to land a job that doesn't require me to stand outside and do door-to-door marketing of Phoenix businesses? Seriously. I went to my first job interview of post-collegiate life today in Tempe next to Tempe Diablo Stadium, about a mile from my dad's office (great for carpooling!). The place was called Evincex Enterprises, a marketing firm which handles restaurants, professional sports, hotels, and other places in the Phoenix area. Stepping out of the heat and into the low-roofed office lobby about the size of a dorm room at NAU, I immediately was greeted by the blaring of some obsequious and out-of-date music from a punk-rock era gone bad. I told the receptionist I was there for an interview with "Vince" at 3:30 and she gave me an application to fill out. Upon doing so, I started the waiting game. 3:30... 3:40... 3:50, and finally Vince, a short and skinny guy who couldn't have been more than two or three years my elder came out to greet me. We went into the back office, and he gave me the sales pitch for the position. 60 hours-plus per week doing grunt work and cross training as a marketing manager for a contractual period of 6-9 months. Out in the Arizona summer heat. Wearing a suit and tie. I slammed back the interview like a shot of cheap whiskey. Aced it with flying colors and was offered a second round interview on the spot. The problem is, I have no reliable transportation for such a job - one which requires extensive traveling out and about around the city - at this time. Plus I really have one basic rule for finding a job. If it doesn't have A/C, it better pay way better than what they were offering for me to accept it. The training itself was most of the compensation. Not my thing. Anyway, time to wait another four months for someone to call me back for another job interview. Et tempus fugit.

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