06 June 2008

It's Only 10:20!

I was pretty bored tonight so I decided to see a movie. "The Forbidden Kingdom" with Jet Li and Jackie Chan. Not a bad movie, and actually one I'd watch again or even buy. But maybe that's the boredom talking. But let me back up. The past three weeks give or take a few days, I've been officially home from college. I took seven days off to see a couple Diamondbacks games, relax, and ease into summertime a bit. But from then on, I've been doing almost nothing except spending 4-8 hours per day job shopping online and around town. And what has it got me, you ask? Nothing. So in between sending out resumes and creating cover letters (a complete waste of time, if you ask me), I've had nothing to do - especially considering I don't have my own car, a job, or know many people out in East Mesa to hang with. Thus led to my predicament. The past four days have been solely dedicated to job hunting and sleeping, almost nothing else. Then I have a slight lull here and I find myself with nothing to do. The people I normally would hang with are at funerals (sorry, guys!) or working/taking care of their families. This makes me realize with that much more fervor that I need to meet some new (and also single) people here in Mesa, if for no other reason than a necessity for human contact in this dust-infected husk of a state. Those people I used to know through the College Republicans in Arizona are either gone from this sun-baked wasteland like the intelligent people they are or people I no longer wish to associate with. Unfortunately, most of my friends from college are all out-of-state students or former students, and are nowhere near Mesa. Therefore, if anyone knows of any clubs, groups, or the like which might be enjoyable, let me know, and I will check them out. I'm already planning to go to the Young Republicans meeting in Scottsdale later this month, and will attend the LD-19 meeting in a couple weeks. But beyond that, having no job, my schedule is WIDE open at the moment!

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