15 June 2008

Big Block of Cheese Day

"Andrew Jackson, in the main foyer of the White House, had a two-ton block of cheese. It was there for any and all who were hungry...." - Leo McGarry of "The West Wing" Well, what can I say? It's another long lazy Sunday night following a long lazy Sunday of helping my parents clean the house, watching Tiger Woods tie Rocco Mediate in the US Open Championship on the 18th hole in typical dramatic Tiger Woods fashion, and watching President Josiah Bartlett battle the press and Congress over his MS scandal. Happy Father's Day to any and all who may read this blog. The past few days, I've been working hard to get job interviews; my newest one is this Tuesday where I will be meeting a guy about a job at the Tempe Marketplace. Kinda cool since I've never been there (it was constructed and opened while I was at NAU). So I might have good news come Wednesday or thereabouts. We shall see. I also (this is how exciting my week has been, that this made it to my blog) got a new set of bookshelves, put them together, and finally got all my books organized on them this weekend. I have a lot of good books that I have yet to read: Dinesh D'Souza's "The Enemy At Home," Todd Buchholz's "New Ideas From Dead CEOs," Nonie Darwish's "Now They Call Me Infidel," and William Clark's "The Judge," among many others. Mostly these are books I got at YAF conferences or were old books thrown out by professors that I was able to obtain, but I am excited to read them nonetheless. I also got five Tom Clancey novels from Half Price Books for only $6 (all hardback, too!), so I'm going to read those just as soon as I am finished with the newest James Rollins book, which is amazing! I didn't even know he had written a new one until I went to Wal-Mart and saw it in paperback. He is my second favorite author behind Matt Reilly, so it turned out to be a fantastic impulse buy for me. Otherwise, I'm disappointed my D-Backs are sucking it up against the Kansas City Royals this weekend, something which shouldn't be happening 'cuz KC sucks. I also finally have wireless internet for my laptop, so I can do a lot more online and hopefully keep up the blog better when I do find a job. Updates to follow later this week on the job hunt and various other activities! Also, a big THANK YOU to Jim Ogsbury and his awesome campaign staff! You guys know what it is for.

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