18 December 2010

Recent Happenings

Because of my busy schedule the last couple weeks, I have been unable to make regular updates as I had hoped during the holidays. I hope my loyal readers will forgive me! This post is a quick synopsis of everything that's been going on of late. I'll get back to regular posting soon.

My 25th birthday was November 29th. I had a nice dinner with my folks, and the following Saturday got together with a couple friends (Ryan and Travis) for dinner at Red Robin. It was a very good time. Ryan and I discussed politics; Travis and I talked sports (and he educated me on the NHL's point systems and schedules). Ryan and Travis... two very different people, so I don't know how much they'd have had to chat between themselves about, but I appreciate them both coming! Ryan also got me a gift of Karl Rove's biography "Courage and Consequences," which is next on my list to read.

I start graduate school at the University of Arizona on Monday, and I finally got my reading list and assignments list for the next four weeks. I have over 500 pages to read by January 2nd, study questions to do, a web page to set up, and an interview with an information professional to conduct. I set up my interview with Kevin McCarthy, the gentleman who interviewed my in June for a research analyst position at the Arizona Tax Research Association. Kevin seemed like the absolutely best fit for my project, and I really appreciate the half-hour of time he is giving me this Tuesday. On the flip side, my textbook for the class hasn't arrived in the mail yet, so I'm getting worried I may not have it in time to do all of my readings to the best of my ability.

I have a job interview set up on Wednesday morning for a library page position at my local library. The position is minimum wage, and 19 hours per week, but it would be great for my resume and for me to see the inner workings of the library system. Especially since I'm getting my Master's in Library Science! A job like this would also enable me to continue substitute teaching on the days I don't work, and the hours for the library are such that it wouldn't interfere much, if at all, with my normal schedule of activities.

Today was the Christmas party at my local sports card shop, Hot Corner Sports Cards. Every Saturday, they host an auction of cards for people to bid on. I've gotten some very good deals there in the past. Today, part of the auction included pieces of memorabilia as "mystery items" for the holiday. The first one was a dual autographed, game-worn Arizona Diamondbacks batting helmet (from a Spring Training game, I believe) signed by Brandon Webb and Mark Reynolds. It's PRETTY! I'll post a photo soon, I hope. Gonna look really spiffy on my wall with my other Mark Reynolds stuff!

I'll be back tomorrow (maybe!) with a post on some interesting recent developments in politics and in baseball. There's some wacky stuff happening in the DBacks' organization and in Congress with Don't Ask Don't Tell being repealed, tax compromise packages, and Tea Party stuff.