27 April 2008

Murder Mystery & MVP

On Friday evening, the NAU Coordinators staff for Residence Life put on a "murder mystery" night for all who wished to attend, sort of like those boxed dinner party ones, except invented completely by the staff. The script was written by the staff, the parts were played by RAs, RHDs, and other faculty, and everyone was invited to attend. I went, the theme being "Class of 1998 High School Reunion" and carefully listened, watched, and asked the characters who had killed off our former classmate and Vice-Principal. When all was said and done, I got the correct answer, and won the first prize ($50 in MCE money)! I really had fun that night - more so than if I'd gone to Casino Night or out to the bars, and I got to hang out with other RAs for pretty much a final time. I definitely give props to Summer Burke for her amazing portrayal of Uber-hyper glitzy movie star and Jeremy Cobb for his protrayal of the A/V nerd guy who now creates video games! Great job! Also, tonight was the Northern Arizona University Residence Life Awards Banquet where RAs from our campus were recognized in a variety of categories, including best comedians, best community developer, best educator, Most Valuable Player, and Lifetime Achievement. I was recognized for two things, being a graduating senior this year and as one of ten nominees for the Most Valuable Player award. Even though I didn't actually win, it's really special to know that all my hard work this year was apreciated by not only my staff, but the rest of the 300+ Residence Life staff (RAs, RHDs, coordinators, etc) as well. I really will miss this place when I'm gone. On a different note, I finally got an email back from one prospective job. They do not at this time have a desire to expand and hire me at this time, though they'll be in contact in the future if they do decide to hire someone else.


  1. Getting close to the end...are you excited???

    Do you grad on Fri or Sat?