08 April 2008

Home Is Where the Heat Is....

So, I'm going home this weekend. And I'm only halfheartedly excited about it for a few reasons. The first of these is that the reason I'm going home is to babysit my younger brother and sister while my parents fly out to Michigan to celebrate my grandfather's 80th birthday. I haven't seen him in about 3 years, because my parents typically entice me (monitarily) into staying home to house-sit while they take the rest of the family to Michigan on vacations in the summer to Michigan to see the relatives. Not that I'm complaining at all - it's wonderful having a house all to myself, have a few friends over for a party, including BBQ and swimming, all paid for by the 'rents!

The second reason is that I recently found out that this weekend is the big "new staff" dinner and celebration for the RAs who will be taking the spots next year of those of us that are graduating this year. Back one year ago, this was a very special thing that the old staff at Mountain View did for me and my staff, and I am disappointed I'll have to miss it. One of the biggest things we did was that the "old" staff passed along a few words of wisdom to the "new" staff, so I think I'll write up something for all of them. Still not the same, though.

However, I did get two tickets to Saturday's Rockies-Diamondbacks game at Chase Field - Sec. 328, Row 19 - off the third base line on the third level - which I'll be using to take my best friend from high school, Scott, to a game so we can catch up and have some fun with the weekend. That should be a good time! I'll be looking for the D-Backs to soundly beat up on the Rox again like our big-league SWEEP of the Rockies in their home opening series this past weekend!

I leave Thursday morning early. EARLY. Like, 7am early. I'm not a fan of the morning stuff, but c'est la vie, and I'll get back into Flag around 9pm Monday. So, I won't be posting during that time, but I will write more once I get back. I just have to work on a one-page paper and an online quiz before I leave, and I'll be good to go!

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