04 April 2008

Mr. Greek

So yesterday was Mountain View Hall's big event for the spring semester - the Mr. Greek competition. This is basically a male beauty pageant for members of NAU's fraternities judged by members of the sororities and a few select "special guest judges." The point was to raise money for both the charity of choice for the winner and the charity of the Mountain View Hall staff, NACASA (the Northern Arizona sexual assault assistance center). The staff of our hall planned, prepped for, and executed the event. I myself was the "Finance Chairman" (even though I was alone in my committee), which only meant I got to collect and count the money raised from the ticket sales at the event. Fun job, I know, but we did raise $1700 for the two charities, divided up as $1,000 for the winner's charity and $700 for NACASA. As for the event itself, well, I can only speak to the second half, because throughout the first half I was staffing the door and counting money and tickets. But once I did get in, cash box full of money tightly under my arm, the second half was entertaining. The event was set up to have four rounds: a "chapter pride" round, formalwear round, intermission and first cut of contestants, talent round, and question round. I saw only the intermission and cut and the talent and question rounds. We certainly have a lot of talented people here - singers, dancers, mimes... yeah, I said mimes. Overall, the event was a stunning success, with the victory going to Kappa Alpha Order member Stephen Mark Land, Jr. and his charity, the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Runners up were Danish Ishaq of Kappa Sigma, Matt Bond of Theta Chi (one of my guys), and Ryan Guss of Delta Tau Delta. Oh, and the "Mr. Congeniality" award going to Phi Delta Theta member Axel Sapwell. Despite this thing stressing the entire staff out for the past two weeks, if not longer, it went well, though I have to admit, I am thoroughly glad it's done with!

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