21 April 2008

8,174 Days Down....

.... 19 days to go until I graduate college with a Bachelor's degree in American Political Studies focusing on Public Administration, with a background in communications. In the next 19 days, I have a lot of work to complete, for school and as an RA, but I am looking forward to it! I have: 2 papers, 4 final exams/quizzes, and one CLEP test to finish school-wise. I also have to help close down Mountain View as an RA, which entails getting all my residents ready to check out of their rooms and then checking all of them out during finals week. Then I have to finally say goodbye to four years worth of friendships, memories, and events. I will miss the poker nights from AfterHours, the late nights doing puzzles at the front desk with Doug and Ryan, the coffee trips to The Place and Denny's, days playing Bocce with David and Kristen, chess with Marcos, going out to the bars with Amber, the political conversations with everyone, and of course, the three years of work with the College Republicans. Thanks to everyone who helped me make this possible, including my parents, my friends Isaac Camargo (who got me the internship with Rick Renzi), Blake Rebling, Chelsea Lett, Michelle Marini, Max Lidster, Cody Newport, and Tim Krueger for being great friends and help within the CRs, Troy Hyde for allowing me to be a part of his successful AZCR campaign and team, Summer Burke, Ryan McFadden, Marcos Nattress, William Blackmore, Amber Sharp, Douglas Riggins and the rest of the Mountain View Hall staff for being amazing friends and co-workers this year, Greg Derr for putting me in touch with some people for job hunting and for writing me a letter of recommendation, the Arizona Republican Party for helping me to be successful as the Northern Arizona field rep during the 2006 elections, my professors Dr. Buckley, Joe Gardner, and Dr. Gretchen Gee for being great teachers, Chris Anderson, Greg Grahlmann, Desiree Bloom, Kaylynn Hanson, Jon Shoop, Jose Porter and Scott Sampson for always just being great friends, and my friend Christopher Esseltine for believing in me in high school as I planned to become active in politics and a successful person in life. I look forward to a storied future, and I hope to be able to be as successful as all of you have become during the time I've been privileged to know you. Thanks for everything!!!


  1. How thrilling to be almost finished! What an acomplishment and a huge sigh of relief. Any job prospects on the horizon?

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