26 April 2008

A Challenging Exam

Well, I have but a few things left to accomplish in the next two weeks, one of which is taking the JLS130 challenge exam with the NAU Counseling and Testing Center on Tuesday. The exam cost me $90 to take for three credits worth of JLS130, the final three credits I have yet to get. If I get a 60/100 on the exam, I get three credits; less, and I will be taking one more class at NAU and waiting a semester to get my diploma. Apparently, three people have taken this particular challenge exam, two of whom passed it. It was definitely "reassuring" to note, though, that the description of the challenge exam in the CTC booklet noted that "if you don't know what a preposition is... don't bother taking this test." Nice. I can't believe I have just 14 days to go until I am an NAU alumnus. Also, for those of you curious, I have no new news from the job hunt front. Still waiting to hear back from a couple places.

1 comment:

  1. The CLEP test should be a piece of cake. I took the english one and didn't study, and passed with flying colors. You'll do more than fine.