17 May 2009


Last night I went and saw "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" at the theater. Overall, I enjoyed the movie. It wasn't on the same genius level as "Star Trek" was, but it ended up being a solid summer opening blockbuster feature. Instead of my prose on this one, I'll just do pros and cons this time: Pros: The plot did a good job following the basic storyline of James Logan's (AKA Wolverine) beginning. He's ageless, having lived through the Civil War, World Wars, Vietnam War, and been a fighting force alongside his brother (Sabertooth in later years) in each. The development of Wolverine from the essentially good-at-heart mutant to the animal within was well done and quite believable, despite my reservations that the director would be able to convey this to the audience. The supporting cast was also well done, from the character of Gambit (see con, below) to young Scott Summers (AKA Cyclops). Indeed, the mutant-hunter Deadpool was also pretty awesome, tearing up 3-Mile Island in the movie's epic climax. The interplay between Wolverine and the combination of William Stryker and Sabertooth is really the focus of the movie, and while there were some parts I wish they had expounded upon, it ended up working together pretty nicely. Lastly, the score for the movie was really good, focusing on blending the action with the romance scenes and tying together the X-Men theme. The appearance at the end of Charles Xavier taking in the young mutants (Cyclops among them) was a welcome scene too. Cons: Not enough airtime for some supporting cast members. If you were planning on seeing a good bit with some of the other classic X-Men characters, such as Gambit, you're in for a disappointment. When I watched previews of this film, I was excited to see Gambit, Summers, and the members of Stryker's original adamantium-hunting party and figured they'd play a central role around Wolverine, but except for one or two scenes here or there, they were merely cameo roles. Overall: A- for keeping my attention for an hour and 42 minutes. The storyline was definitely watchable, and it brought together everything I expected, with some nice add-ins. But like I said, if you are planning on seeing this film for any of the supporting cast, you will be disappointed. Just a forewarning.

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