01 May 2009

D-Backs Live Postgame Show

So, if any of you were watching the Diamondbacks game from tonight, and stayed tuned in to watch the postgame show, you should have seen me just over Brad Steinke's right shoulder cheering in the background. The Qwest Diamondbacks Live Postgame Show will be broadcast 32 times from the Tempe Marketplace venue near San Felipe's and Dave & Buster's during this season, and today was the first time. It ended up being a lot of fun - they played the Diamondbacks game live on the giant screen in the plaza there and had a band called "Hello Swindon" playing as live entertainment. The band was pretty good, playing some Johnny Cash and other alternative music, and my D-Backs won 5-2 thanks to a bad call which went our way on a Tony Clark double which should have been called foul down the left-field line. But hey, I'll take it! Immediately following the game, they did the postgame show, and invited members of the cowd to come mug for the camera and cheer in the background. Also, much to Ryan's chagrin (he was there with me for dinner), they handed out foam Wolverine claws and had all the kids (including yours truly) wave those around to help plug the movie. I also saw my friend Elizabeth from NAU there working diligently to set up for the show when I got to Tempe Marketplace as she works for FSN Arizona. While I wasn't expecting to see her, it became a really nice surprise, and we chatted for a few minutes. Tomorrow, I may or may not go back there for a bit, as they're having "Bratstock III" - a bit like Woodstock except for Bratwurst out there at that time, and doing the postgame show again. However, I must say that was very disappointed in all our DBacks fans out there. I was quite literally the only person there watching the filming and the game wearing Diamondbacks garb! I had my hat and t-shirt on, yet not a single other person that I saw was clad in Sedona Red! This is unacceptable. Look at almost any other major league team, and their fans are rowdy, proud, and wearing team colors. Even the Dodgers, Giants, and Rockies. Compare the Brewers fans to Arizona, and we seem like churchmice - quiet, apathetic, and dismissive! Get loud, people! Overall, a big thumbs up to Tempe Marketplace, FSN Arizona, and the Diamondbacks for getting out and about and bringing the postgame show to the fans. I think it really shows a lot of the character of the team and its affiliates for wanting to be more fan-friendly, fun, and interactive. A lot of teams could easily and more cheaply do their postgame stuff inside their stadiums, but it awesome that the Diamondbacks are being much more inclusive! Now we as fans gotta do our part and start appreciating all that, and be better fans for it! If there's one thing I'd like to see by the end of this year, it's that DBacks followers start making noise at the ballpark more often. Seriously, at Opening Day, it's absurd for the stadium to be more-or-less soundless, yet it was! From a loyal fan, great work tonight!

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