25 May 2009

Caught Up

Finally! I have accomplished an ongoing goal today during my relaxing Memorial Day downtime! I'm completely caught up on my Diamondbacks scorecards for the 2009 season. So far, there've been 45 games played by my Snakes, and I've scored them all. This really sounds kind of minor, but when you realize that it takes about 30 minutes to set up each scorecard for the day's game, and then an average of 3 hours and 1 minute to play the game and an additional 15 minutes to double check the accuracy of my scorecard with the online official box scores. I've watched and scored probably about 25 of the 45 games that way, so I've contributed 94.2 hours to that. If I failed to watch the game and score it, then I have gone back online and filled in the scorecard from the Gameday information pitch-by-pitch trackers. It takes about 1 hour per scorecard to do that, and I've done 20 games or so that way. That means I've put 114.2 hours worth of work into my scorecard already this year, and I can expect somewhere around another 297 hours worth of work to complete all 162 games this season. That's 411 hours or so total, or 2 1/2 weeks worth or work. I love baseball!

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