24 May 2009

Bullet Time

Got a lot of variety in what I have to post tonight, so y'all are getting it in bullet point style rather than me try to think up catchy titles for my post which reflect some or all of them. 1. It's hot-ish. Yeah, it's gotten warm the past few weeks out here in Arizona, and there were a couple days there that were genuinely ovenish at 112+ (according to my car's themometer), but strangely, I haven't felt overly HOT yet. I know it's coming, like a car stalled on the tracks knows a train is approaching to turn it into a bazillion pieces of jagged metal and glass, but it hasn't reared its ugly head just yet. Thank you Mother Nature, and suck on it, Al Gore! 2. Baseball has become more enjoyable. The Diamondbacks suddenly found out how to play like a team in the middle of a tropical storm in Florida. On this roadtrip, they split the Atlanta series 1-1, won against the Marlins 3-1, and took 2 of 3 from the Athletics. Making for a 6-3 winning road trip. I can deal with a few losses, as long as the boys are playing solid baseball, not crappy baseball like the previous month. We're now 19-25, 6 games back of .500 and about 10 back of the Dodgers in the NL West (damn Dodgers....), so we're on the right track. 3. I really, really, really, really, REALLY want to find a job soon. I am going crazy here without one. All my friends now have their own houses, lives, jobs, marriages.... hell, even PETS (I'm not a pet person per se), and I crave that. I keep having vivid dreams of myself with a decent job, playing catch with my kid in a yard flanked by maple trees in some 75-degree paradise in suburbia. Time sort of feels like it's slipping away from me with this bum economy and my inability-slash-lack of motivation for finding a good job. It's discouraging to me when I look at the dumb job search sites out there and see nothing in my area beyond "sales" jobs - indoor sales, outdoor sales, inbound sales, outbound sales, door-to-door sales, multi-level marketing opportunities, investment opportunities.... One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish.... I seriously sound like I belong in a Dr. Seuss novella. In place of going crazy, I have also started laying out "roots" into the community to try to sustain my desire for being social, but even that isn't very fulfilling. I go to church, and the only people I meet are either younger than me and still in college, or older than me (by years if not decades), or have marriages (and it's hard being single and trying to make friends with a married couple). In fact, I don't really know of anywhere in Mesa, Arizona to go to meet mid-twenties people with an interest in politics who aren't married and have graduated college. Top that all off with a sense of uselessness on my shoulders all the time (seriously, what's my purpose in life as long as I'm not a functional and contributing member of society?) and you see my problem. I can't even get people to call me back regarding my resumes.... how the hell am I supposed to find a job? AAARGH! 4. Now, after that rant, aren't you wondering what number 4 is going to be? Frankly, these are in no order whatsoever. I'm just writing the words as they come to me. Well, I guess there is no number four. Enjoy your night, comment if you wish, otherwise, I guess I'll write again whenever.

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