07 May 2009

Melvin Gets Run For The Last Time

MLB Update: Diamondbacks Manager Bob Melvin has been replaced by former Director of Player Development AJ Hinch. This move comes as the D-Backs lose what shoulda, coulda, woulda been a win tonight to the Padres. With the offense just not cutting it, and The Mad Scientist (Melvin) not seeming to be effective in his managerial role any longer, the organization decided it was time to let him go. It's too bad, I liked Melvin, who led the team to the playoffs as NL West Champs in 2007, but faltered at the end of the '08 season coughing up the lead to the Manny Ramirez-fueled Dodgers. The struggles only became exacerbated in Spring Training this year, and have led to perhaps the worst starting performance since 2003 for the team.

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