01 May 2009

Tempe Marketplace

So guess where I'm going to be hanging out on Friday and Saturday nights when I have nothing else to do until October?! Tempe Marketplace, that's where! The Arizona Diamondbacks' Quest Live Postgame Show is going to be broadcast from their plaza out there for weekend games for the rest of the season. So if you tune in to watch the game, stick around afterward, and perhaps you'll catch a glimpse of this blogger enjoying the spoils of the Marketplace! Book Update: Went back to the library today, and talked with T., the circulation supervisor about my warped damaged book problem. The book hadn't been shipped back to the library just yet, but she was good enough to take my number and call me when it's in so we could assess the damage. Diamondbacks Update: What's with the team of late?! If it's not the defense playing poorly, it's the non-existant offense, and if it's not the offense, it's the bullpen! Those guys need to pull it together and start figuring out how to be a team. Also, I know Bob Melvin is my guy, but c'mon, Skipper, you see Tom Gordon struggling like that in a 1-run game, and you let him stay in? That's not Mad Scientist-worthy, that's just dumb. Work Update: Well, I have scored a few workdays this week and the next couple for mom's school. They need substitute playground aides while the regulars are out for various things (field trips, dental appointments, etc.), so I get to take over for at least four days. Two of which were yesterday and today. Better than nada. Little kids are funny though - I got asked if I was the sub lunchLADY a few times, listened to stories about dinosaurs and puppies, and assisted getting things out of trees. Moving Day tomorrow for Scott & Abigail. Going to have to make sure to get a good night's sleep tonight so I can be energized in this 92-degree-plus-humidity heat.

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