01 April 2009

April Fools

So today was April Fools day, and out of my usual fashion I decided to have some fun with my friends. I posted on Facebook that a Congressional office in DC had called me to set up an interview on Sunday and I was flying out Friday. Hilarity ensued, as I ensnared about 20 people overall in my trap, and led some of them on for up to a half hour.... you know who you are! I tried to get them to catch on, but to no avail: Person: "Whose office?" Me: "Oh, JD Salinger's office from Maine." (Salinger being the author who wrote "Catcher in the Rye.") Person: "What will you be doing?" Me: "Well, throughout APRIL, I'll be getting the FOOLS in Congress any info they need ona wide number of topics." Person: "Is Salinger a Democrat or a Republican?" Me: "He's a very leftist guy, but I totally agree with his positions on abortion and green energy." (I told them he was pro-choice and anti-nuclear, which most people know are not my positions.) Person: "Why are you gonna work for a Democrat?" Me: In this economy, I'd be a FOOL not to take a job!" At the end of the conversation, I still had to explain to some I'd been joking by telling them, by the way, Happy April Fool's Day! (My cousin TOTALLY didn't get it when I said this.) Thanks all for being good sports and indulging my moment of humor upon my joblessness!


  1. hahaha. simply trying to show support to another former student in search of a job. :) good one!

  2. Oh, reading this makes me wish I spent more time on Facebook that day! Glad you got a few to fall for the trap.