09 April 2009

More Baseball and Meetings

It has certainly been an eventful week during the past few days, despite it not even being over until tomorrow. Quick recap: Monday: Went to the Opening Day game for the Arizona Diamondbacks season against the Colorado Rockies. It was an awesome game, what with the Snakes hitting five homers and the Rockies hitting three for a final score of 9-8 Diamondbacks. The (statistically) cool thing that happened during the game, too, was that for the first time in club history, two Diamondbacks players hit two home runs with one being from each side of the plate. That means that in the same game, both Tony Clark and Felipe Lopez hit home runs while batting left-handed, and again while batting right-handed. Good start to the season (although at the time of writing, they ended up dropping the next two games to the Rox). Tuesday: Landed myself at the Capitol for a meeting with Arizona Builder's Alliance director Mark Minter, who provided me with some new places to look for my job hunt and gave me some much-needed hints on breaking into the political world here in Arizona. After the meeting, I took his advice to heart and walked over to the Arizona House offices and met with Chief of Staff Victor Riches regarding the resume I had sent my respresentative, Speaker Kirk Adams. I actually honestly didn't think I'd get to meet with anyone, given how busy the House is right now, but Mr. Riches was quite kind enough to grant me some time to speak with him. Wednesday: Well, actually, I didn't do much of anything, save for making my famous chicken enchiladas for dinner! Yum! Tonight: Decided the time was right to jump back into local politics, having been out of the game for about 5 years now due to my being in Flagstaff for school and all. So I attended the LD-22 meeting this evening, and I was really glad I did! Some of the Gilbert leaders were there to speak about some of the things going on at the Legislature recently, I got a (much-needed) tutorial on ALIS - the legislative calendar and information system for the state government - and got to speak with some of my political friends, like the director of Arizonans in Action. This blog, "The View From Arizona" even got a shout-out from former state legislator Trish Groe who provided the ALIS tutorial. (Hopefully you all are enjoying reading it as much as I am writing it!) Tomorrow: Substitute teaching for 5th grade at Mom's charter school again, but since it's a half-day, which is because of AIMS testing right now, I'll have to find something else for tomorrow evening to do.... maybe geocaching since I hear it will be cooler! Next week's forecast: WORK! I actually do have a job lined up, albeit only for M/W/F of next week. I'll be the receptionist for my father's company, WE O'Neil Construction due to their full-time receptionist taking a short leave of absence. For those that have been avid readers of this blog since the summer, you may remember that I was the fill-in guy for O'Neil for a couple weeks back then, too. Look for more political commentary coming up in future weeks and months, too, because I have started a new pet project, and I am going to see where it takes me. I'll be explaining it more in coming posts!

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