29 April 2009

So Much Time, So Little To Do

After a few weeks of business, work, activities, and baseball games, Tuesday and today came to a crashing halt for me. Essentially, I have had nothing to do but search again for jobs. And frankly, I really hate being bored. It's possibly the worst feeling in the world. I mean, forget waterboarding, just stick me in a plain, white, featureless room by myself for a few days, and I start to go insane. In fact, the only reason I'm aimlessly writing this post is because I currently have nothing to do. On a regular Wednesday, I might be getting ready for the 6:40pm Diamondbacks game and setting up my scorecard, or I might be making dinner, or I might be chatting with people online or something. Alas, mom's making dinner, the DBacks won today 10-0 in their day game versus the Cubs, and there really isn't anyone to talk with online at the moment. So yeah. I could craft this post into something more verbally grandiose about President Obama's first 100 days, since that speech is going on in the background right now as I'm writing, or I might be able to go off on a tangent about how the Diamondbacks are showing signs of life after a terrible April. Fortunately for those of you who have actually gotten this far into the post, I don't really care to do that right now. What I really wish is for someone to call me back about a job. I mean, it's been a freaking year now, and recession or no recession, this is rediculous. There has to be someone out there, in any field, in any city, who needs an researcher, a legislative aide - hell, even a secretary. Bah! Despite this, I feel quite conflicted recently, because I know I'm supposed to feel happy for all my friends who are actually doing well during this time. Scott & Abigail just bought their first house, my college friends are all graduating (many with honors or job offers as they leave school), and still others are working, earning money, and doing well. What's wrong with me that I can't seem to do that?! -- End of post on note of frustration --

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  1. I would tell you not to get discouraged, but I realize it's a little late to be saying that. :-( I can tell you this however: you will NOT be bored on Saturday!! And our door is always open to you! :-)