13 April 2009

Change of Pace

Good news, everybody (and, no, we're not on Futurama)! My three-day-long temp job for my dad's company has turned into a three-week temp job with the possibility for more afterward, as their full-time receptionist will be on her leave of absence until April 30th! At my current hourly rate of $12.00 per hour, that's $1248.00 worth of work (less taxes, of course). That will be enough to pay the cell phone bill through the end of the year and buy me a few DBacks tickets while I continue on the full-time job hunt! The work is repetitive, to be certain, as I am not the regular receptionist, so most of the projects typically assigned the person in the job (such as ordering supplies, mail duties, and special projects) are fulfilled by others, meaning my time at the office ends up being sometimes dull. I read about 70 pages in my new book today alone while waiting for the phone to ring between 2:30 and 5pm. But hey, work is work, and I'd definitely rather be getting paid to read my book, answer some phones, and do some light filing work over sitting at home on CareerBuilder or something! Plus it's a chance to talk to my dad at lunch and carpooling to and from the office, which I don't get to do near enough, so that's nice. Unfortunately, work also means I won't be at the all-America TEA Party at the Capitol this Wednesday, since I get off at 5pm and Dad doesn't want to go. I'll be watching the news, though, so hopefully you all have a good time and get the point across that we really don't need a tax increase here. If anything, we need more of OUR money to spend OURSELVES and thereby help the economy. Personally, I need a car and an apartment. I'm sure the economy won't mind if I buy/rent those. Oh well, at least my Diamondbacks aren't doing too bad.... Yeah. 2-5 record to start the year, after having lost series to both the Dodgers and Rockies and dropping tonight's game 2-1 to the Cardinals. Brandon Webb's on the DL until April 22nd, Justin Upton is STILL looking for his first hit, and the DBacks bats seem to have been chewed through by termites.... Ugh. Almost makes you wanna start supporting a winning team, like the Blue Jays or Marlins... wait, what?! Yup. Those two teams are among the first-week leaders in the AL and NL respectively. Fun baseball fact of the day: Orlando Hudson (former DBack-turned-Dodger) hit for the cycle today off of both Randy Johnson and Brandon Medders (former DBacks-turned-Giants) thus obtaining the first cycle by a Dodger ever at Dodger Stadium for his onetime MLB rivals. I sense a hint of irony, with a pinch of disdain and a hearty helping of DBacks disgust at having traded O-Dog!

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  1. Congrats on the extended stay with the job! I hope to do something like that with my Dad for a time. Seems like a slow start for the DBacks, but good to hear you are in good spirits about it. I can't talk, I forgot the season started, and have been playing ketchup with my Cub's games.