31 March 2009

Length Between Posts = Too Long

Okay, I'm back. I know full well I've been slacking recently with only one or two posts in the last two weeks or so, but honestly, I have nothing to say. Monday through Friday, I hang around the house waiting for MPS to call, weekends I do my thing with various people, and elsewise, I'm probably asleep. Okay, so that's not entirely true. Here's a rundown of some interesting things throughout the past few days: 1. Helping Matt Move: Matt and his wife Angela (both previously mentioned here regarding game nights) moved into a new house out in south Mesa/Apache Junction area. This past weekend was their big moving day, which I went out to in order to help. About 10-12 people showed up, all family and friends, and we got them almost completely moved out of the apartment they were in and got their stuff piled in their house for them to sort through within 6 hours. Not too shabby, considering that includes drive time, lunch, etc. 2. Geocaching Awesomeness: After much deliberation, I decided to attend an Event Cache for a fellow geocacher's birthday whom I am loose friends with. (For Scott: this is where I was on Saturday eve, I don't think I mentioned it to you at your place.) Over 80 people showed up to partake in food, drinks, festivities, and a raffle. I didn't eat or drink because I didn't think I'd be staying too long, but I ended up staying for more than I thought and won a prize: an unregistered set of travel bug dog tags (you can make your own trackable item with this). So that was fun. Nice to meet some people whom I only know via their geocaching nicknames. Plus, the Event Cache was my 100th cache "find" - a milestone as far as the game is concerned, though I have a ways to go until I catch up to the people who have 10,000 or more finds! 3. Work: Remains nonexistant. I know I've only technically been a sub for 4 school days now, but I still haven't gotten a call about a job yet. Though, if my calculations are correct, there are 1500 subs in MPS and they use 250 per day on average. That amounts to one job per 5-6 days for me if their system is as random as they say it is. 4. Baseball: Okay, this isn't something I HAVE done, per se, but rather something I will be doing on Opening Day (April 6th). I am planning on seeing the Rockies take on the DBacks at their season opener with Scott, Travis, Travis's dad, and... someone else whom I don't remember right now. (My phone connection was spotty.) Apparently we are going to be sitting in the handicapped upper deck seats because of Travis' dad, which is cool - better than sitting in Row 512 of Section Nosebleed Central! 5. FIESTA!: Sunday the youth group at my church had a farewell fiesta for the youth leader Lee and his wife, who are moving on to south Mesa to be the heads of the new branch of Red Mountain Community Church, called Harvest CC. I am enjoying spending time with the youth group members more and more as the months pass by; they are cool people, and there's even a couple politicos like myself there who enjoy discussing politics. I guess it hasn't been so dull around here after all. I gotta say though, when it does get slow, it gets SLOW, and when it's not, time flies. Oh well, hopefully things even out to a good pace when (see: if) I ever find a real job!

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