26 March 2009

Substitute Teacher

Well, I passed orientation without going berserk or falling asleep through the "Don't Molest Children" videos, so I am now a certified substitute teacher for Mesa Public Schools. If you have children in this school district, please let me assure you I am joking (gotta love political correctness nowdays), and say that I'm looking forward to brightening the next generation of young minds. No, but seriously, the experience of going through the application process and waiting periods for becoming a teacher has definitely made me reconsider my plans for the future. I always thought it would be good to work for several years, then teach after I had gained some real-world experience in my subject (government). I don't think that's a good idea anymore. Teaching might just be the most underappreciated, sometimes-despised, politically correct profession out there. 1/2 of our orientation yesterday consisted of them telling stories of all the teachers who have been fired of late for kids lying to their parents about "being touched" by a teacher (which turns out was actually a pat on the shoulder for a good job or to stay in line or whatever). By the way, that's not directed so much at the females. No, it's only for the guys. I'm glad I've finally found a means of paying a couple cell phone bills here for a bit, but honestly, I will be miserable if I end up getting stuck in this job or becoming a contracted teacher because the economy doesn't improve or something.


  1. Don't molest children. Also, don't fall asleep in Arby's. It's creepy.

  2. Congrats! It's great to hear someone else (especially someone politically active) talk about how horrible Teachers have it. They have one of the most important roles (next to parents) to our future generations. Arizona is one of the worst places to teach in terms of appreciation and compensation from what I've read.

    Good luck with it Andrew. I hope you don't get stuck with this for too long (but I'd be happy to see you teaching my future children).

  3. Hey I tried teaching and it was lame. But I'm better now.