01 March 2009

The Amazing Race

Okay, I know most of my friends who read this blog aren't huge into the whole "reality TV" thing, and to be frank, I'm not either. I don't do the whole "American Idol" craze, or the "Survivor" thing, but one reality show I really do love is "The Amazing Race." Basically, eleven teams of two people start somewhere in the USA, and travel around the world, stopping at destination points and completing challenges along the way in order to eventually cross the finish line up to a month later and win $1 million. The challenges range from the exciting (skydiving, bungee jumping) to the physically intense (mountain climbing, ice drilling) to the gastronomically illuminating (eating the delicacies of foreign lands) to the intellectually draining (memory exercises, detail-oriented things). I've seen people go to Thailand and eat crickets, dodge giant spiders in Perth, and wade into croc-infested waters in Darwin, Australia. Now, I'm not the most physically fit person ever, but I still think it would be incredible to be on a show like this. Think about it - interacting with local cultures to try to find a way to get around Japan, Russia, or Germany. Skydiving over the Amazon Rainforest. Visiting the Great Pyramids in a race around the globe! Screw the million bucks, I'd do it for the experience of a lifetime!

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