14 August 2009

Town Hall Video

In the interests of disclosure, this video comes from "4409 Productions" and can be found at the following URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1-qL6Pz2SM&feature=channel_page I said in my last post that I would link to this video when I found it, so here goes. While I don't approve of the healthcare insurance bill, I approve even less of people like this 4409 guy and his cohorts who attempt to score cheap points by evoking an emotional response from people and then claiming that's where they stand on an issue. First of all, it has nothing to do with debating the healthcare bill, and second, they make themselves seem moronic by twisting peoples' words around. It is this type of debate (if, in a civilized society one can even call what these Ron Paul extremists are doing "debate") which makes the Republicans in our party look bad, if for no other reason than we are stereotyped into being these people behind the cameras. Look for me at the very end, when the lady is trying to leave the area at about 5:15 in the bright red shirt. Just at the very end of the clip (5:39), you'll see me block the camera. Take this to heart, readers: debate the substance of the bill all you want, but allow those involved to speak their piece without ridicule as well, otherwise, you're no better than that which you are trying to dissent against. Attempting to score a few emotionally-evoked quips and out-of-context remarks (of which this video has many) is a sad and sorry way to make a point.

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