05 August 2009

No-Hitter Minus One

Is it just me or are the Diamondbacks playing better lately? I mean, I know we're about 18 games outta first place to the Dodgers, and we're probably not going to make the Wild Card slot for the NL or anything, but if the last few days are any indication, we might be able to make things interesting with our final 56 games. For example, before the All-Star Break, we were at 38 wins, 51 losses. Since, we're 9-8, including four shutouts (three to the Pirates, two being back-to-back, and one to the World Champ Phillies). Some other interesting stats: Runs scored: Before ASG: 396 in 89 games. Since ASG: 86 runs in 18 games. Statistically, that's an extra run every two games. Runs allowed: Before: 434 runs/89 games. Since: 71 runs/18 games. That's almost one fewer run given up per game. A huge statistical difference. Team performances: Since the ASG, 41.8% of the team's hits have extra base hits (either a double, triple, or Home Run). During that time (18 games), we've collected 36 doubles, 7 triples, and 26 home runs. Our team's slugging percentage (the number of bases per at-bat) since the break is .508 (that means that we're essentially hitting a double in every at-bat since the All-Star Game). Compare that with before (.403) and we're really hitting the ball well lately. Then, of course, there are some nice individual performances. Mark Reynolds with A) the longest homer of anyone this year (481' at Chase Field on July 28), B) the longest homer at Citi Field ever (461'), C) two homers on his birthday on August 3rd, D) 3 spectactular catches where he dove into the stands just since the break. Or how about Yusmeiro Petit yesterday with a no-hitter through 7.0+ innings before giving up a walk and a single in the 8th inning. Even so, he still pitched a one-hitter and a shutout - his longest outing in innings pitched and in pitches thrown in his career. Or maybe Ryan Roberts with a career day yesterday with four hits and two home runs (big ones!) out to centerfield. Chris Young also hit a bomb yesterday, his seventh of the year and which hopefully will help break the slump he's been in. Miguel Montero deserves mention, with his new haircut. Since the ASG, Montero's collected 19 hits, four of them homers and five doubles, almost all in clutch situations with runners in scoring position or on base. I dunno.... maybe we're not gonna win any prizes this year, but it seems like the pieces are finally falling into place for this Diamondbacks organization, and it's really refreshing to see!

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