02 August 2009

Angels, Demons, and Ambigrams

After much patience and waiting, I finally saw "Angels and Demons" this afternoon. It ended up being a really good movie, better than "The Da Vinci Code" (the sequel novel to "Angels") and condenced nicely into a two-hour format with lots of action. The storyline was obviously compressed, but in a good way: just enough information for the viewer who hadn't read the book to get what was going on, and enough substance for the person who has read the book to appreciate how nicely they abridged the plot. I'm kind of tired this evening so I won't go into further detail, but let's suffice it to say that it's a movie I'd buy and recommend. The reason I'm sleepy is because I had a rather full day today, strangely enough. Yes, it's also 1am right now, but I did do a lot out in the heat today too. I woke up around 8:30am this morning, which in and of itself is odd for me; I usually sleep until 9:30 on weekends. But since I was up, I showered, got dressed, and made plans for my day. Dad wanted me to go get the oil changed in his truck, and I needed to return a few library books, so that was on the list. I also thought maybe Scott would be interested in grabbing coffee whilst I was out and about, so I texted him, but alas, he was too busy. So after getting my books together, I set off for the barber's to get a haircut, then the library, returned my baseball reference books and assorted novels, and checked out a Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child book which looked enticing - "The Book of the Dead" - and headed for the Jiffy Lube. Sat there for 40 minutes reading, then decided I didn't want to go home at noon. I grabbed a quick bite at Taco Bell, then drove out to the mall, where they have The Picture Show at Superstition Springs.... Seriously, $2 movies everyday ($1 on Tuesdays), and cheap popcorn and drinks? Fantastic! I can wait for the blockbuster films to trickle down for a couple months from Harkins and save $7.50 per ticket and $5.00 on snacks! I paid $5.50 today for what would have cost me $10.50 at Harkins for the same movie and a seat which tilts back. Totally worth it. By the time the movie let out, it was 3:00, and I went home for a while to catch some of the Diamondbacks-Mets game, but had to turn it off early because I needed to get ready to meet Ryan for drinks at Tempe Marketplace at 7:30pm. Went, bought a book for Mom at Barnes and Noble, Ryan and I chatted, and then I came home around 11:30 or so. And now, bed.

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