09 August 2009

I'm On TV!

Every day except Sunday (no postgame/pregame shows), the good people at Fox Sports Arizona pose a question on Facebook, and solicit answers from fans. Sometimes the questions are really baseball related, asking about favorite players from certain teams or about fans' favorite ejection-related moment (AJ Hinch's first ejection the other night being the catalyst for that one!). Well, I was fortunate to quickly be able to capture the screencap below in response to the question "What living or non-living United States President would you most want to attend an MLB game with and why?" In reality, my full response was: "George W. Bush. He used to own the Texas Rangers, and I'm sure it would be fascinating to hear stories about his personal baseball experiences while attending a game. Maybe even a Rangers-Diamondbacks interleague game!"

At least they spelled my name right!

Other fun responses: Leiland Tanner: "Honest Abe... with his whole presidential stint basically entrenched in war, stress and strife, I think he could have used a good 3 hours of relaxation and pure DBACKS entertainment. Plus... I doubt anyone with bad intentions would be able to sneak up behind him down in the first row at Chase! R.I.P."

Ray Byke: "I'd like to have our Scouting Department take a look at the DNA of George Washington and possibly clone him to pitch. After all, didn't he throw a dollar across the Delaware River! I see him as a long reliever."

Arnold Moreno: "Bill Clinton, talk sports, girls, and have some beers. Talk to him about North Korea-not too many foreigners have been there in several years!"

Erika Tenney: "What about Jimmy Carter and G.W.B.? Jimmy can hook us up with endless peanuts and George can provide the entertaining play by plays."

Justine Saquilayan: "... A game with William Howard Taft might be interesting if we could somehow drag him out of his bathtub."

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  1. I liked the Richard Nixon one - steal bases, etc...