01 August 2008

Press Conference & Bowling

Yesterday, Jim Ogsbury's campaign held a press conference in front of the Harry Mitchell 'effigy' near the ASU campus on Mill Avenue to talk about how Mitchell is obstinately refusing to sign discharge petitions on a variety of bills relating to helping America achieve energy independence. I went out there around 10:30am to help out, and ended up filming the event for the campaign! The video is below: It's a good press conference, and well worth watching, especially as it comes in arguably the most important Arizona race this election cycle, possibly one of the more important national races. The other candidates in CD-5 - Schweikert, Anderson, Bitter-Smith, and Knaperek - don't have what it takes to compete against Mitchell, while Ogsbury has strong district support, a solid record of conservatism in both Arizona and DC, and an aggressive campaign strategy in which he actually gets to meet the voters of his district by going door-to-door himself. After the event, many of the volunteers went to make phone calls and walk neighborhoods, which I wanted to go do, but had to go pick up some of my family from work and school. But later than night, the campaign sponsored a bowling night for their volunteers who had helped that day, and I did go out there for four hours. With an average score over four games of 108, I did decently, I guess. Either way, it was a good time! For Chelsea: Greg was there, too, and he says hello and is doing well as an economist for the Salt River Project and getting ready to go to graduate school.

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