07 August 2008

The Jobing Career Expo

Yesterday, I went out to the Jobing.com career expo to see if I couldn't find someone to actually take a look at my resume. Here's the story (it's an epic adventure): Once upon a time, in a land that most people call Anozira, an unemployed former student of the court named Druw, decided that the time had come to make something of himself. Druw had long dreamed of visiting the thriving metropolis of Columbia District, in order to fulfil his desire of becoming a Law Maker - a prestigious position that would enable him to help other people and make the quality of his country's life better. To do this, thought Druw, I need to work to make a few thousand Quats (the money of the realm) to be able to get the Columbia District. Unfortunately, the Land of Anozira was afflicted by a three-decade-long drought, which made his father's background in farming unlikely to produce dividends. Anozira's population of teachers were paid next to nothing, so his mother's background in education was also out. And to make matters worse, the Government of Anozira - headed by the cruel Queen Janet - had spent too much money on a new palace for herself and thrown Anozira into a massive deficit, meaning that the local jobs at the Bank of Anozira, the General Store, and in the office of the ambassador Jeff Lake to the government of Acirema were not able to afford to take on a new employee such as Druw. Druw was not the only one afflicted - the unemployment rate in the Realm was at the highest level it had been since the Large Crash of '39. Drew's friend Bryan was also having trouble realizing his dream of becoming a Consulatant. Druw and Bryan each applied for many, many jobs around the Realm, but their efforts had been fruitless and frustrating. One day, Druw saw a posting on the General Store's wall advertising admission to a Faire for Jobs in the nearby city of Dale Glen. The Faire was free-of-charge to all those who wished to find a new career, so Druw decided to send word to Bryan, and they made plans to attend. On the day of the Faire, Druw left his house early dressed in his best attire and carrying several copies of his Personal Employment and Career History (known more commonly as a PEACH) handwritten on thick, golden parchment paper. He saddled up his beat-up Cobalt carriage, and left to go to Bryan's house to pick him up, and the two set off for Dale Glen to hopefully start on a new path that would lead them to Columbia District! It was a hot day, over the century mark on the glass temperature gauge hanging on the wall of the Bank of Anozira, and the sun was shining brightly in the sky as steam rose from the cobblestoned street, and the other townspeople stayed glued to the minute slivers of shade from the awnings of the buildings. (Come on, a little poetry is awesome!) Druw and Bryan took the most direct route to the Faire so as to get there as quickly as possible, but in the busy center of Dale Glen, they ended up getting lost anyway. Finally, they arrived at the Faire! Part two to come!

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