13 August 2008

My Almost-Job

Yesterday, I received a call from the Arizona Republican Party's Political Director Mecum after five days of trying to schedule an interview with him - in all fairness, he was driving the AZGOP RV alongside Chairman Pullen for three of those days, so it was a bit crazy. He asked me to start work today as a manager of the AZGOP call center at their headquarters. I'll admit, it came as more than a bit of a shock to me, since I had been trying to get in the door with them forever. After a couple round robin-esque games of phone tag between him, the party's Executive Director, and myself, I finally got the details of the job: 10am-8pm Monday through Saturday basically recruiting volunteers for the call center all day and working on scheduling times for groups. At this point I was pretty happy, if for no other reason than that someone finally returned my phone calls and emails. (That, by the way, marks response number 10 to the 400+ resumes I've sent out, so you can understand why just getting a phone call was thrilling!) However, for the pay proposed, and with my forty-five minute commute one way to the HQ, I needed to talk with my family about it, since I'd be using their cars and had responsibilities to them that I couldn't just shrug off. I was finally - and disappointingly - forced to conclude that with gas prices, family responsibilities, the 60-hour work week, and the 90 minute daily round trip commute, there was really no way I could give my full commitment to that particular job. Brett and the party needed someone who would be able to be there to staff the call center all week, and I simply can't do that from where I'm at (both geographically and in my life) right now. So, it's back to the drawing board, I suppose. I'm probably just going to have to suck it up and do retail for a bit until I can buy a car and move to a better location - whether that be in Arizona closer to the political action in Phoenix and Scottsdale, or out of state to someplace like DC. Ugh.

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  1. Congrats on being offerred the job. I'm sorry you weren't able to take it. Hopefully something will come along...