20 August 2008

It's Not Just Science

I think I may have finally formulated a plan for the future. I found out that there is actually a Master's degree program for something called Library Science. NAU didn't offer such a program, so I never knew about it. I've always loved libraries and books in general, and I think it would be amazing - AH-MAZING for Chelsea - to work for the Library of Congress or the National Archives and Records Administration! Problem is, to get a job as a librarian or library technician, you have to have a Master's Degree in Library Science. Therefore, I have two plans: 1. If I find a job in the government by February, I will work in that job for a while and gain experience and money to pay for graduate school, then get a degree in either Public Administration or Library Science and go from there. 2. If I do NOT find a job by February in my field then I will take the GRE, apply to either U of A or somewhere else that offers the program, and go for my degree immediately, then apply to the Library of Congress and get to DC that way. Hopefully, that will give me a sense of purpose and a goal to achieve going into the winter months here, because right now I really don't feel like I know what the hell I'm doing.


  1. The "H" is lower case. It should look like this: Ah-MAZING.

    But sounds like you've got a great plan. The Archives or the LOC would be a great place to work. Plus w/ the Archives, you're not just limited to the DC location as they have a handful of other offices throughout the country.

  2. i thought u were going to work for the party?

  3. For my anonymous friend:

    I was thinking I might be able to work for the party, but unfortunately, they needed someone who could be there 60+ hours a week, and with my hour commute one-way (14 hours commute round trip weekly), my family obligations, and the fact the pay wasn't worth it, I decided not to accept their offer. They needed someone who lived closer to HQ and could commit to 60 hours a week, which I couldn't do.

    See: http://reperiovulpes.blogspot.com/2008/08/my-almost-job.html