22 July 2008


It's always nice when the Diamondbacks come out of a funk, even if it's just for a couple games. After a pitiful showing against the Dodgers (cough-Brandon Lyon-cough), the D-Backs have combined for 11 runs against the Chicago Cubs' 2 over the past two games for two wins. The reason this happens to be especially nice is that the Cubs are in first place in the NL Central while the Diamondbacks needed to be able to prove themselves against a tough team to regain supremacy in the NL West. Well, they did tonight, and we're now one game up on L.A. after they lost to Colorado! We also acquired "Big" John Rauch from the Washington Nats (sorry, Chelsea!) in exchange for rookie player Emilio Bonifacio last night, and he helped close out tonight's gam with two K's and one hit in his DBacks debut! Dare I say "SWEEP" tomorrow? I'm gonna certainly have to put the broom out in preparation!

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  1. As long as the Nats hold on to Lastings Milledge, I'm okay.