21 July 2008

Making Plans

It's hard making plans with people in Phoenix. Not only is there drive time to worry about from me in East Mesa to Max or Ryan in North Scottsdale or Phoenix, but everyone seems to have a different schedule. That said, we all did wind up having a fun time yesterday. Max and I were planning on having lunch, but it wound up being that we couldn't decide where to go, so I decided to go to the D-Backs game with Ryan instead. We got our tickets down the first-base line near the bullpen amidst a whole bunch of Dodger fans (quite possibly the second worst fans in baseball behind the Yankees). Once there, whom did I spy but my friend Scott sitting five rows in front of us! He was there with his church and some of his family members. After the game, I also got a call from Amber - one of the RAs with whom I worked in Flagstaff, who had also been at the game down near the third-base line. While the game started nicely - with the Diamondbacks scoring three runs in the first inning, and Brandon Webb going 8 innings giving up only one run, in the top of the ninth, Brandon Lyon failed to close out the game, coughing up 5 runs and losing the game for us. It was a very disappointing loss. He just couldn't find the plate at all! After the game, and after we got out of all the post-game traffic, I took Ryan back to his car, went out to Borders to look for another of William Martin's books, but found the store almost ready to close at 6pm. So instead, I went to Half Price Books, and found a copy of Martin's "Cape Cod" - about the Mayflower settlers - that had been mismarked. The copy had been looked over by the store's employees and ended up being much cheaper than it should have been, especially considering the fact that the copy was signed by the author! To close out the night, Scott and I ended up getting some dinner at Applebee's, and chatting for a while. Unfortunately, I can't do that many more times - at least until I find a job, because the tickets, food, and gas were pretty expensive. But nonetheless, it was fun. Now, I'm just chilling at home because my mom started work at her school today and I don't have access to a car at the moment. I've been all over Jobing.com and CareerBuilder.com searching for.... something, but so far, no return phone calls. I did get a letter in the mail from Compass Bank rejecting my application because they had already filled the position for which I applied. But beyond that... nada. I'll try to keep the updates coming.

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