03 March 2010

Yankees Tickets!

As I sit in my office chair and wonder what I will do with the rest of my day, drinking Dunkin Donuts' fantastic coffee (no cream or sugar, mind you... none of that wimpy stuff to befuddle strong black joe), I can't help but think of more baseball stuff, which I am sure most people are tired of hearing about by now.

For instance, back in November (maybe December) the Arizona Diamondbacks allowed people to register for a "lottery" of sorts to be able to purchase tickets to the Yankees-Diamondbacks World Series 2001 rematch set this coming June 21-23. Happily for me, I was selected via this lottery to be able to purchase tickets to these games before everyone else can using a special password. (Which reminded me, I gotta ask my friends and see if they want in on this deal!) I'll probably just be going to one of those three games - probably the 23rd - but anytime the Diamondbacks have a chance at whooping the Yankees here at home, it's a good thing.

I've also been maintaining going to Fitch Park every other day or so to hang out and catch baseballs. Monday when I went, I got the opportunity to chat with a guy whom I have aptly nicknamed "Left Field Jim" about baseball AND politics... my kind of person! LFJ was out here for Spring Training with his friend from Sacramento, California, and as one of the three Republicans in that state (I exaggerate... there are actually twelve) he and I were discussing state and national politics for like an hour while we waited for the minor league "sluggers" to hit a couple of balls over the fence. I use sluggers in quotation marks because a grand total of ONE baseball was actually hit over the fence during that entire hour where we were standing. I also got two tossups from the players/coaches. Though, supposedly about 6-8 balls were hit over in right field... I guess I was just in the wrong place.

So yeah, just a couple updates there along with the shout out to Jim as I promised (he was interested to check out this blog, so I hope he and his friend enjoy!). Within the next week, I plan to try to go to the DBacks-Cubs spring training game on Friday (though I don't know since I might not have a car for it) and I'm planning to get out to the AZ LD-22 meeting on 3/11 - next Thursday - at 7pm. So you can have a non-baseball blog post to look forward to!

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