30 March 2010

StateBrief: The Drudge of Arizona

Over the past couple months, I've been tracking a relatively new Arizona news resource called "StateBrief." If you are familiar with the Drudge Report, you'll understand when I say that StateBrief.com is basically the Drudge Report compendium site for Arizona politics and news information.

The site links users to articles from places like Politico.com, AZCentral.com, FOX News, The Economist, the East Valley Tribune, and a variety of blogs and other notable places. And the news itself is very user-friendly, being split up into national headlines (right now the John McCain/JD Hayworth/Rodney Glassman trifecta is all over the place, along with Senator Kyl's recent remarks and Jeff Flake's endorsement of California Senator-hopeful Chuck DeVore), statewide headlines (look here for the McCain-Palin rally stories and a bunch of articles on recent developments in the state legislature), and "Misc." headlines - everything from the Phoenix Coyotes up for auction again to the troubles with Phoenix Councilman Johnson's arrest.

And (while I think this could probably be more prominent) there is also a link to the "Brief Blog" - StateBrief.com's opinion-editorial page, which showcases some well-written editorials on everything from EM Pulse attacks on the US to Bart Stupak's sellout over healthcare reform to "Rep. Kirkpatrick's Image Problem" on EPA issues.

As a bonus, if you're on Facebook like me all the time, by joining the StateBrief.com group there, site operator Neil Rosekrans sends out updates on the latest AZ-related headlines. This Facebook update thing he's got going on has actually been really helpful in keeping me apprised on some of the more interesting news articles out there, including the HCR vandalism that I posted about just recently.

No, I'm not affiliated with the site itself. I just think it's too nice a resource to not let more people know about. The articles focus heavily on Republican stories, but there is a good mix of Democratic information in there as well. Check it out if you want to stay informed on AZ politics... it's better than trying to pick through stories at AZCentral.com!

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