16 March 2010

Common Sense

Okay, so I caved. I went out and picked up a used copy of "Glenn Beck's Common Sense" from the half price bookstore at the mall for $2.00. I don't know why I wanted to read it, considering I'm not really happy with that tea party-esque mentality right now, but I figure I need to read even the crazy works out there in order to be as good a political scientist as I can.

I also found a copy of a book on the US Secret Service from 1942 with an actual page from a 1942 letter to banks, shopkeepers, and merchants on how to spot counterfeit $5 bills that were being passed in San Francisco. Very cool! The book was vintage, though, and the store wanted thirty bucks for it... too bad for me.

But anyway, it'll be nice to read something new while I heal my sunburn from my hike on Saturday. Granted, the scrapes, scratches, and sunburn were totally worth it because it was a beautiful hike, but the aftermath is not really fun.

As soon as I finish that book and a couple others, I plan to post reviews on them here... so stay tuned!

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