08 March 2010

Another Car Accident

So yeah, I was involved in another car accident this morning. This time, it was a three car affair, and an ambulance had to be called to the scene to take a woman to the hospital for head and neck pain and abdominal pain as a result of the collision.

But before you think "Oh, man, Andrew... what did you DO?...," let me tell you that my involvement was purely as a witness to this morning's fender bender. (HA!! Psyched y'all out!) I was sitting at a red light behind about 7 other cars and next to a black four-door car when I all of a sudden looked in my side mirror and saw a gray Nissan Sentra pickup slam into the back of the black car, which lurched forward and tapped the bumper of the white Saturn four-door car in front of it. The Nissan's front end was pretty bad, but the driver - a 20-something-ish kid who was probably on his way to school - was uninjured.

The black car's back end was also pretty badly damaged, and the 62-year-old woman driving was complaining of neck and stomach pain. Another guy ran out of the nearest house (which was WAY commendable of him) and assisted her with getting off the road (she had wandered out of her car and was in a traffic lane) and comforting her until the paramedics arrived.

The white Saturn was pretty much undamaged, and the family inside (mom, dad, and two little girls under 6 years old) was unhurt.

As soon as it happened, I pulled off the road into an apartment complex and immediately called 911. The injured woman asked me to call her son, too, so I obliged and let them speak. About three minutes later, a fire engine arrived at the scene and blocked traffic. They treated the woman and got her into the ambulance which arrived shortly after. Police units also got there quickly and closed off the street, directing traffic into the center turn lane for a short distance. I was asked by the fire crew to stay as a witness to the accident. It was actually really quite cold out, and the clouds and misting rain didn't help matters much. I had to go to my car to grab my mom's sweater so I could stay warm!

Thankfully, I don't think anyone had any major injuries. The woman was taken to the hospital as a precaution, and she probably just banged her head against the steering wheel or something, just as when I had my accident a few months back. The best thing that came out of the day was the calmness of everyone involved and the kindness of that other bystander to help out when he could have ignored the situation. It makes my faith in humanity just a little bit brighter!

If anyone out there knows who I'm talking about with this accident - and someone might, since I'm getting many more Arizona readers now - I hope you all are okay, and that you have safer travels in the future!

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