31 July 2009

Weird Dream

This morning, I woke up from a very odd dream, and fortunately I had the presence of mind to write it down before I forgot about it. Without going into lots of detail that would undoubtedly bore you, here's the gist: I was a high school student in someplace with rolling hills, grass, and big shade trees (so, obviously NOT Skyline). I was carrying a bag with me which had an umpire's uniform, my heavy winter coat, and a notebook and pen inside; I knew also that after "school" I was supposed to umpire the school's softball game. At which point I had a "flash forward" like I was daydreaming within the dream about being an umpire, calling someone out on a close play. On the way walking to the bus stop, I dropped the bag, and glass shattered all over everything. Not entirely sure where the glass came from, but what the heck. I continued walking to the school (which looked nothing like any school I've been to, by the way) and went in, down a couple dark and twisted corridors to find a co-ed restroom with a few people milling around before school. I went into the back, and there was a big darkened room there completely devoid of furniture or fixtures save for a small square table in the center. And (I kid you not) Gil Grissom from the "CSI" TV show and a little 7-year-old girl were playing a board game. This board game, too, was unique, featuring electronic lighting, self-moving pieces, and colored "chips" as winnable pieces. It looked a bit like Uber-futuristic Candy Land. Anyway, while they were playing, I was trying to shake out pieces of glass from my big winter coat. Eventually, I got most of it out, though it took some time, and I transfered all my stuff into a different bag. I stuck around to watch the end of Gil and the little girl's game, which Gil eventually lost. The little girl asked for a rematch, and Gil said no. Then the little girl asked if she should bring a different game tomorrow, and Gil said no, this one would be fine and he'd like the opportunity to beat her at it before switching games. Then I woke up and couldn't fall back to sleep. I told you it was weird. Anyway.... on with the day, I guess.

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