10 July 2009


Dan Haren pitched his second career complete game shutout tonight as the Diamondbacks trounced the Marlins 8 to nothing! He gave up just four hits in the win, and walked one while striking out 10 of the fish to drop his ERA to 2.01, the lowest in the major leagues for a starting pitcher! The DBacks' bats also came along again tonight - last night they scored 7 and were up 7-0 in the 6th inning until it all came crashing down. Tonight, when they went up 7-0 I was praying for no repeat performance by the Marlins batters, and thanks to Haren, it didn't happen. If Haren's not the National League All-Star Game starting pitcher next week, I think there is seriously something wrong with Major League Baseball... Haren's #1 in innings pitched (130), WHIP, OBA, K/BB, BB/9, and tied for 5th in Ks in the MAJOR LEAGUES! The only NL pitcher who bests him in any of those categories is Tim Lincecum of the Giants who has more strikeouts. I can't wait to see what the second half brings for the pitcher who is currently the leading candidate for the NL Cy Young Award!

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