06 June 2009

Another One Off the List

I got to check another cool play off my list of things I want to score in Arizona Diamondbacks baseball games, which previously included a triple play (happened this year for Doug Davis), back-to-back-to-back-to-back home runs, striking out the side on 9 pitches, a perfect game, a no-hitter, a steal of home plate, and a few other oddities. The D-Backs have been involved or accomplished these things in the past, but I never scored them, or I no longer have my record of the accomplishments. I taught myself to score in 2006, so things like Randy Johnson's perfect game prior to that I wasn't able to catch. Tonight, I got to check off a three-pitch inning from that list. This means a half-inning (three outs) that are recorded on the minimum three pitches from a pitcher (or pitchers). Tonight it was Kevin Correia of the Padres who accomplished the feat in the 5th inning by allowing a single on the first pitch to Max Scherzer, getting Felipe Lopez to line into an unassisted double play at first base, and getting Ryan Roberts to ground out to second base. Three pitches, three outs, one more off my list!

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