03 November 2008

One Day Out

Currently, we are now less than one day out from Election Day, and this is my plea to all of the people reading this blog to get out and vote. Not only is it your civic duty, but this election stands as one of the most important of this generation. The mainstream media is already comparing it in importance to the 1960 election of John F. Kennedy. For those of us in the Mesa area, you will not only have the opportunity to vote for President of the United States, for which office there are five candidates (Dem., Rep., Lib., Grn., and Ind.), but also for the U.S. House of Representatives, County Attorney, County Assessor, Sheriff, Special Healthcare Board, Corporation Commissioner, School Board, the retaining of judges to the bench, and a host of very important propositions which could seriously have an impact on Arizona's economy and society. Most of you who read this will already know for whom my votes have been cast, and I would urge you to consider those people and Propositions accordingly, but ultimately, just make sure you get out tomorrow and cast your own ballot! God bless America!

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