31 October 2008

I Voted Today

This evening after work, I went and cast my early ballot at the Mesa early voting location. When I say that, however, it's important to grasp the full meaning of those words. I did not simply walk into the elections office, grab a ballot, and turn it in. I stood in line. For four hours. I didn't mind it so much because I didn't have anything I was doing tonight (a bit sad really, Friday night, Halloween, and I was early voting...). Now, I'm all about democracy and the need of the indivdual to vote, but really, I don't honestly blame those people who decided to leave and potentially not cast a ballot at all because the line was nearly as bad as the one to get in to see "Star Wars Episode III" on opening night. I am kind of partial to the idea of getting rid of this early balloting and instituting "Election Week" in the country rather than this mess of early voting, mail-in voting, and Election Day (singular) voting. Make it a week, and everyone who wants to vote will have ample time to do so. But anyway, I voted, got my sticker, and have all my free time on Tuesday to help out with Election Day activities where I can. I can't wait to see the results!

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