23 February 2008

Weekend On-Call

Like the title reads, I am on call this weekend in my hall. For those of you who are not RAs, this entails remaining in the building from 7pm Friday night to 7pm Sunday night and conducting rounds Friday and Saturday nights to take care of any problems that might arise in the building during that time. During this time, I get to have about an hour or two off per day to go get food at the Union, but then I have to be back. When I'm not on rounds, it's usually pretty quiet, save for the occasional "I'm locked out of my room, can you let me in?" call. Today, I really didn't have a lot to do class-wise, though I expect tomorrow will be used for getting some reading done for Monday, so all day I've been watching Jack Bauer avert a nuclear explosion in downtown Los Angeles, and watching Chef Bobby Flay conclude a throwdown with a master chocolatier on "24" and "Throwdown" respectively. Tonight should also be interesting for another reason - it's the bid party night for Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. This is the night where the members of Pike (as we abbreviate their name) party after handing out invitations to new members to join their fraternity during the spring semester. This means that the building will be quiet until they come back from wherever their party is going to be, and then Taylor and I will have to make sure they're not being too loud, rowdy, or whatever when they come back. It should be fun; they're good guys and their leaders help us out a lot with making sure people are doing what they should be doing. I would also like to note that Spring Training for the Diamondbacks begins in about 4 days, and I am really excited for the regular season to start on March 31st. I need to find out a way to print 324 score sheets cheaply - two for each game of the season for both the home and away teams, because I enjoy scoring the games when I am able to. Last season I was able to score 55 of the 162 games, and this season I'd like to be able to get at least 100. Well, it's 1am in "24" world, and Jack's just safely exploded the nuclear device in the Mojave Desert where zero casualties are expected initially. Time to see what the two o'clock hour brings!

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