26 February 2008

From Stress Comes.... Good Grades?

After getting back from class a bit ago, I was reflecting on the last few weeks here as my final semester of undergraduate college comes winding down, and I really noticed a pattern of me just seeing stress, deadlines, and rushing to complete my work. I've really not gotten to bed before 3am anytime in the last four weeks, and missed class a few times to take naps to supplant my lack of sleep. I was eating unhealthy, and rushing through some of the stuff I actually enjoy doing just to get papers done for my capstone, writing course, art course, and psychology courses. Well, within the last 24 hours, I found out just how much all that hard work paid off. I had four assignments due this weekend: a four page essay exam for my capstone, an 8-page paper justifying the use of the atomic bomb on Japan in 1945, a 3-page art critique, and a 5-page film review for my PSY277 course. Overall, 20 pages. I ended up with the following grades: 198/200, 96/100, 100/100, and 92/100 respectively. Like the parable from the Bible of the woman who has ten silver coins, loses one, and searches all over her house for hours trying to find it, then when she finally does, tells all her friends and neighbors about her joy at having recovered the coin, so too am I sharing my triumphs with my friends about having lost roughly 3 hours of sleep per night only to have gained straight A's on all my work this last week.

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  1. I remember writing a paper defending the use of the atomic bomb. I also remember writing it last minute and doing exceptionally well on it. JR writing class? Oh college...