20 February 2008

Somnus Est Bonus

"Sleep is good." Too bad I haven't gotten much of any since Friday. My weekend after I posted on Sunday really caught up with me, what with five papers-slash-articles to write, my online capstone exam, and RA stuff to do. But here it is on Wednesday, and it's snowing again here in Flagstaff - just lightly, not really enough to stick around. It's been going on and off all day since this morning, and once again the ground here is covered in a pale white as light from the buildings and streetlights relects off the clouds. Speaking of clouds, the cover this evening made me miss one of the Universe's more spectacular shows: a total eclipse of the moon, for which the western US was supposed to have a front-row seat. The next time it happens will be about 13 years from now, or so I heard. Oh well, I'm sure NASA got some good pics I can look at tomorrow. Otherwise, not much else is new.... I have my first job interview tentatively scheduled for spring break time, and I'm just trying to get a lot of homework done in the meantime. Although, punctuating the plethora of papers I have had due, I've finally started on the second season of "24" which I'm really enjoying!

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