17 February 2008

Ita Infit

"And so it begins..." Many moons ago, I started a blog for the purposes of recording my time at college. Well, as most can probably tell, that didn't really go anywhere. But in the spirit of making certain I can remember all the crazy stuff that goes on in my life as a Resident Assistant for Mountain View Hall at NAU and in looking for a job after I graduate this May, I am going to try again. So, for those of you that don't already know what I do, I am the Resident Assistant for Mountain View Hall, which houses the fraternities and sororities on campus. Whereas most places have a "fraternity row" or several on- or off-campus houses, our Greek Life is contained in one of the biggest buildings on campus which looks out over the spectacular vista of the San Francisco Peaks in Flagstaff, Arizona. Each RA in the building gets to work with a chapter or two on one of the View's floors: I am the RA for Theta Chi and Sigma Nu, with a few Kappa Alpha members as well. I've been in this position since the beginning of this year, and it's become one of the best things I could have ever done for myself. To start with the basics that everyone knows about the position, I am compensated for my room and board and food here on campus. I have my own room in the hall without a roommate, and in return, I work on-call shifts in the building once or twice a week, and work at the building's front desk checking in and out items, and helping out wherever needed. On a deeper level, I get to connect with almost 600 people in this building who are absolutely amazing. Before I came here, I had some of the same stereotypes about Greeks that many other people do, but I have come to really appreciate all the positive things about my residents and their organizations, which are not unlike my previous posts with the College Republicans: each chapter does community service on a regular basis to raise money for their "philanthropy" (some type of organization in the country), they study hard and typically have very high grade point averages as chapters, and promote a sense of community I never really found elsewhere in college. The reason I am talking so much about them is that they are a very big part of who I am this year, because I work so closely with them. Not a lot of people who are unaffiliated with Greek Life know about this stuff; I know I certainly didn't before becoming an RA here. On the opposite side of work, I am striving to finish school this year by May so that I can graduate with my bachelor's degree in American Political Studies with a focus in Public Administration. Just a few more weeks to go! Right now, it's also crunch time for me to be finding a job. I have a couple prospects right now with a variety of campaigns for Republican candidates, but nothing noteworthy -- yet! Believe me, the job hunt will certainly be a big focus of my later postings! This weekend, I made the most of my time off, since I wasn't on call and didn't have to work the desk before today at 2pm. I decided my best course of action was to sleep until about 3pm on Saturday after going out with some of my friends the previous night. After that, I really just chilled out to the max for the rest of the day, watched some tube, played MLB2k6 on my XBox360, and then went back to bed after eating some Chinese food. Today, I got up early to try to accomplish some homework due tomorrow, and I'll be working on that all night here during my 11pm-2am desk shift. So you know what that means...! Feel free to email/IM me until all the wee hours of my shift 'cuz I'm gonna be bored!


  1. A very good start! Can't wait to see where the next few weeks takes you. Definitely keep us posted on job prospects and good luck w/ wrapping up school.

  2. Thanks, Chelsea. I can hardly wait myself to see where my ship sails!