23 October 2009

Updates From the Floor

First off, thank you to all of you who read my blog posting about Sen. Coburn's amendment to cut political science funding from the National Science Foundation, and a bigger thank you to those of you who called your respective senators and asked them to vote it down (I know at least two people who mentioned to me that they called). You do your country a service by being active.

As far as an update on the amendment itself, I was hoping that it would come to a vote this week, but that didn't happen. Due to the motion to reconsider the cloture vote on the appropriations bill (HR 2847), the vote probably won't happen until next week. Good news for those of you who read this and still want to call your senators - you have time. To help in this endeavor, here is a very cool website I found with contact information for everyone in Congress (websites, emails, and fax numbers). To find a number, click on the Senator's name and check out his or her contact page. The Complete List of Email Addresses and Fax Numbers for the U.S. Congress and Governors.

In other news, AKA baseball, barring a miracle comeback from the Angels tomorrow night, it appears that the World Series will feature one of those two teams taking on the defending World Champion Philadelphia Phillies. This means my predictions of a Cardinals-Red Sox series and a corresponding Cardinals victory were completely destroyed. In fact, of all my predictions, I only got two right this postseason: the Phillies beat the Rockies. In all the other series, I incorrectly predicted the Cardinals, Red Sox, and Twins to win in the Division Series games. Bummer. Glad I didn't put any money on my predictions!

Tomorrow is the 7th anniversary celebration of Hot Corner Sports Cards, out in Mesa, Arizona, where I go occasionally to pick up a pack of cards or some supplies to (finally) organize my card collection, which used to be sitting in a shoebox in my closet; it now resides in 3 big 3" three-ring binders and two 1" three-ring binders. My goal is to start finishing some of the sets I really like, such as the 2009 Allen and Ginters cards, 2002 Donruss Studio, and 2001 Pacific (all baseball). The Allen and Ginter cards are extra-special because of a couple bonuses I rather enjoy. First, there is a parallel insert card set of "code cards." These 100 cards feature a special border and symbols which are supposed to be used to decode a secret message. You then contact the Topps company with the message, and if you are the first to decode it, you win a special set of all the A&G autographed cards in this year's set. Now, the winner's already been determined, but I want to see if I can collect all 100 cards and figure it out for myself without looking at the answer (which is posted online, if you want to search for it). The other thing I like about the A&G set is its inclusion of parallel mini cards. They come in a few types: regular minis, minis with two different types of backs, black bordered minis, and minis without numbers. There are 350 of each type, which gives a collector like me 1,750 cards to go after. Add in the 350 base cards, 100 parallel cards, a few other special insert minis, relic cards, and autographs, and I'm looking at somewhere around 3,700 cards total I can try and go for. It's certainly going to be a project!

Aside from this, the job hunt continues. I applied for holiday work at Barnes and Noble Bookstore, so we'll see if anything comes of that. I know I got a good review from one person there, who said she was going to "put a sticky note" on my resume that I was a higher-than-average candidate. We shall see.

I will add more updates on various things as I get them, as well as another political post in the next couple days. I had a fun conversation with Ryan regarding faculty and education policy that I want to write about. So look for that, and have a good week!

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