03 October 2009

Happy October!

We survived another Arizona summertime, folks! Over 110 days of triple-digit heat, and what I believe is the 10th driest summer on Arizona recordbooks, since our monsoons never really kicked in. Actually, I don't think we even got one good dust storm the whole summer.

October means new beginnings for a lot of things for me: I get to start hiking again around some of the trails here in Mesa. Now that the weather is cooler, relatively speaking, I won't feel like dying after walking a few feet out of my car, and I won't consider myself inside an oven when I get into a vehicle.

October also means postseason baseball. Even though my Diamondbacks sucked big time this year, I will still enjoy watching the Rockies and Cardinals try to claim the World Series trophy for their own. If you're watching it, the Rockies can actually still win the NL West by beating the Dodgers today and tomorrow... it's intense!

And October means I get to start my door-to-door job hunting again. I consider it too hot to drive around and job hunt on the streets around retail establishments during the summer months, so the cooler weather means I have to get back to work in that department. For the past three to four months, I've been one of the 17% of unemployed job seekers that has stopped looking almost completely because of the lack of jobs out there. I need to find my motivation and get going again.

Finally, October also means the start of what I consider "Holiday Row." I have my sister's birthday here in just a couple days, then mom's mid-month, followed by Halloween, Election Day, Veteran's Day, my brother's birthday, Thanksgiving, my birthday, Dutch Christmas, Christmas, and New Year's. Lots of planning to do now!

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