04 October 2009

Postseason Prediction Updates

If you read my prior post on the postseason races and compared them to the matchups, you will see that I was expecting the Cardinals and Phillies to be playing the opposite teams in their series. However, the Phillies ended up with a better record than the Cardinals, and therefore I must update my predictions.

NLDS A: Rockies vs. Phillies
Prediction: Phillies in 3 games.

NLDS B: Cardinals vs. Dodgers
Prediction: Cardinals in 4 games.

ALDS A: Red Sox vs. Angels
Prediction: Red Sox in 5 games.

ALDS B: Twins OR Tigers vs. Yankees
If Twins, then: Twins in 5 games.
If Tigers, then: Yankees in 3 games.

NLCS: Cardinals vs. Phillies
Prediction: Cardinals in 5 games.

ALCS: Red Sox vs. Yankees OR Twins vs. Red Sox
If the former is true, then: Red Sox in 7 games.
If the latter is true, then: Red Sox in 5 games.

World Series: Cardinals vs. Red Sox
Prediction: Cardinals in 6 games.

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